Friday, February 18, 2011

A Little Birdy Told me So.

I've been blonde lately due to the blonde/red brows on Plastik's new(ish) skins. I love the skin I just wish it came with brow options for those who prefer having dark hair.

So my friendly has been working away on some clothes for his upcoming store Petit Oiseau. It's looking fairly cute! He passed over these shorts to me and they're quite cute. His store is actually built for child avatars (he's a childhood re-live-r) but not your typical skittle-farted child clothing. He wants to make clothing you'd actually see a child wear. I know I'd personally never let my child go out looking like some trashy whore that the rainbow shat out, but to each their own.

That and his clothing can be used on adults too, just with some adjusting (his little avatar's a chub so I actually had to make the cuff prims smaller since my pixels are anorexic.)

Oh! I'll be opening Luckless in world soon, along side some of my friendlies' stores. And for the credits.

Outfit Credits:

Hair - Truth
Eyes - Luckless
Skin - The Plastik
Shape - My Own
Lashes - Glow
Shirt - Action
Pants - Petit Oiseau
Feet - SLink

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