Friday, March 26, 2010

Lackey of the Hand

I love these boots, and while browsing SLX and buying random trinkets for my friends I came across Hannah Bohannes' products as I usually do to oogle at them and finally decided to become unlazy and visit that beautifully done shop of hers and get myself some things. I love how the shirts are not sorted in style but in colours. That little touch of difference just adds so much to a layout of the store.

Photos taken at Minute Papillon. Prettily vast and such lovely darkened brown hues.

Outfit Credits:

Hair - Truth
Eyes - My Own (Lace Eyes)
Skin - My Own (Definitely a W.I.P.)
Shape - My Own
Shirt - Whippet & Buck
Pants - [N] / Hannah Bohannes
Boots - [NCplus]

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