Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Sun in the Clouds

Aikea Rieko of The Plastik sent me over her new make ups she had made for her amazing Lionheart skins. They're a plethora of deliciously rainbow-packed make up sets. I nearly killed over for the Empress make up, which is worn in the picture below. I adore yellow. It is by far my favourite colour. You can find larger images of the skins on my flickr.

As I said. Yellow is my favourite colour. I really need to expand more with wearing more colourful clothing. Sometimes I look just so melancholy. Oddly enough I wanted to go to the Scribble sim to take pictures. I love the new-ish set up.

Outfit Credits:

Hair - Truth (It's an older one, Piper, healthily modified by me.)
Eyes - Luckless
Shape - My Own
Skin - The Plastik
Undershirt - :S:ycophancy
Tank - A.S.S. (Freebie)
Over Shirt - NINIKO
Pants - Naughty
Boots - Hoorenbeek

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