Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trendy Black Vomit?

I would have said either something about bulimia or oil spills but that's just insensitive. Oh wait...

I've been working a lot lately. I don't want to go onto SL either. But I am. Because it's like caffeine. That and I'm in love with Aikea Rieko from Plastik's new Poet skins and I've waited a bit too long to take prettiful pictures with Digi Pera from PERA's cute plain faun legs and fluffy little tail.

Oh, and Truth's got an awesome new hair out with TWO WHOLE different streaks to change colours with. That brushed off a little sarcastically, didn't it? There were three other hairs out with it but... not so much my style. Pigtails are just a little too princess-y for me.

Outfit Credits:

Hair - Truth
Eyes - The Plastik
Shape - My Own
Skin - The Plastik
Ears - Luckless
Legs - PERA
Tail - PERA
Undershirt - :S:ycophancy
Tank Top - A.S.S.
Jumpsuit - Amerie
Smoke - Hermony

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