Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chills in The Air

So... the colour challenge was a fail on my end... SL has been having a hard time keeping my attention. Alas my friend unblocked my uh.. creative block? This is why I'm glad I don't have a career in anything artistic. I have it at spurs and go from there. Anyway, I've finally come around to attempting to make - and finish - something. Expect these glasses on the Marketplace soon.

Photos taken on Sword Fish, so cute and such cute shops and items as well. :v

Outfit Credits:

Hair - Maitreya
Eyes - Luckless
Shape - My Own
Skin - Mother Goose's
Scarf - YumYum (Gacha Prize)
Bag - Berries Inc. (The Snowflake Experience Hunt Prize)
Glasses - Luckless (Not yet out)
Undershirt - Muism
Jacket - Teef*y (TDR Edition)
Pants - Ducknipple
Socks - Hell Bop
Shoes - Ordinary

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