Thursday, May 13, 2010


I love synthetic dreads. I've met a lot of people who go "sidufoasinfs they're not dreads ANGRY FACE!" But.... sucks to their assmar. So when I saw these on Sydd Sinister's blog I knew I had to have them. I edited the bangs to look more like the hair is being pulled away from the face as I don't really look all that lovely with betty bangs.

PS Look! I made black lips that don't look like uh... horrible! YAY!! I'm so happy with them! I think the freckles really add a ton of personality to the face. I love freckles. They make me happy and squooshy faced.

Outift Credits:

Hair - NeVerMind
Eyes - My Own (Basis & Rain Eyes)
Skin - My own little work in progress...
Shape - My Own
Shirt - :S:ycophancy
Fishnet Undershirt - Acid & Mala
Pants - Sn@tch
Boots - Resurrection
Collar - Cobrahive
Necklace - Grasp
Nails - Armidi

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