Friday, May 14, 2010

Over the Barrel

I don't know. Don't ask me. Yay 50 Lindens Friday. I'm warm looking in my Sand Shack Surf Co clothing. Too many words in a store name makes me just call it ssssssssssss'n co.

I'm getting more and more femboy and andryogenous each day aren't I? I suppose I'm kind of like that in real life so I'm translating my real self more into my SL me. Fanciful. On a random note, 4 women so far have complimented on my shirt at work today. I feel pretty now.

Outfit Credits:

Hair - Truth
Skin - Plastik
Eyes - My Own (Impish)
Shape - My Own
Sweater - Sand Shack Surf Co (Fifty Linden Friday item)
Pants - Sand Shack Surf Co
Shoes - Sand Shack Surf Co
Poses - Oracul

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