Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flutter Hearts

Photos taken at Tuneiras West Farm. It's a lovely sim. Lots of animals. And Armidillos. Yay armidillos!

My heart's all a flutter. I hate when that happens. I love my new hair from Ploom though. Rebranding always confuses me but nonetheless this hair is adorable. It comes with a hud to change half the hair to any colour you want from the list of Ploom's hair textures.

Outfit Credits:

Hair - Ploom
Skin - My Own W.I.P.
Eyes - My Own (Impish Eyes)
Shape - My Own of course
Tattoo - Aitui
Tank - Mr. Poet
Loose Shirt - NINIKO
Pants - DeeTaleZ
Shoes - Hermony
Finger Tape - Luck Inc. (Dollarbie I think.. or a freebie)
Necklace - [PERA]

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