Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mom Hair

I just took these pictures at home. I get to live in a castle. \o/ I have the bottom bunk, Gabi gets the top. That sounds gay. I liked it. I also love my mom hair. Don't tell me that this hair doesn't look like some over glamourized mom hair-do. I altered my shape just for those idiotic hair-reducing lips I just can't seem to properly make. It makes me want to just take a picture of my own lips and paste them on the skin. Blah. I'm talking a lot. I'll probably be giving this make up away as a freebie or something once I finish up the body. I'm still in love with my nose.This is a good sign. Anyways onto the outfit credits.

Outfit Credits:

Hair - Truth (I wore Crow instead of Night for a change <3)
Eyes - My Own (I'll release them soon homies)
Skin - My Own WIP
Shape - My Own
Shrug - Old :S:ycophancy item, ask Daihn Gutter nicely he'll probably give it to you.
Nipple Tape - G41 (Came with an outfit)
Pants - Grasp
Shoes - Ressurection
Facial Piercings - kOwP

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