Thursday, April 22, 2010


Photos taken at Vague. It's shiny and pretty and did I mention shiny? Oooh shiny. I love shiny things.

Kyla's my pretty little friend I made join SL about a week ago. I made her a shape, prettied her up and now I can't stop staring at her adorable little cheeks.

On Der Kyla:

Hair - Truth
Eyes - From SLX
Skin - Cupcakes
Shape - I made it. :v
Shirt -
Skirt - So Many Styles
Shoes -

On Der Luciphur:

Hair - Truth
Eyes - My Own (Rain Eyes)
Skin - Buried
Shape - My Own
Shirt - {MV}
Shorts - Sand Surf Shack & Co.
Leggings - Plastik (Ducknipple sim freebie)
Shoes - Hermony
Facial Piercings - kOwP
Gloves - :S:ycophancy
Necklace - Ducknipple
Bracelet - Action

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