Thursday, April 29, 2010

Plastik - Bewbs + Luciphur Modded Male Chest = Happy Luciphurrrr

I modded my own skin template's chest area to match and fit to the new Plastik Lionheart skin. I think I may give up on male skins in general and just do this with all the female skins I love. I'm going to go around shirtless for a long while now. <3

Outfit Credits:

Hair - Truth
Eyes - :S:ycophancy
Skin - Plastik
Elf Ears - Plastik (They came with the skin)
Chest Overlay - My own, and only mine. Haha. :P
Shape - My Own
Sleeves - Cobrahive
Pants - Grasp
Boots - Resurrection
Facial Piercings - kOwP
Collar - Cobrahive
Tattoo - Aitui

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